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Customer Comments

" Excellent little dumper. No more wheelbarrows.“

" I have had my muck-truck™ about four years, it has been a very useful piece of equipment."

" The muck-truck™ is the perfect tool for our job.“

" A brilliant piece of kit that has done an enormous amount of work over the last five years. We cannot speak highly enough of it. It is simple to use, easy to maintain and very economical.“

" Very good, I don't go anywhere without it."

" Excellent all round, very pleased.“

" We bought a muck-truck ™ to help us out around the yard. Our yard starts at the street and climbs 165° at a 15% grade! We needed some help moving compost, mulch, and topsoil. We used our muck-truck ™ for just about everything we use to do by hand with a wheelbarrow. The flatbed accessory is awesome too... we used that to move 96 60# cement stepping stones and 500 bricks for a patio. In the fall we use it to move firewood from the street to the basement. The uses are endless!     We love our muck-truck ™ !" 


Voted Preferred Supplier for National Hire Shops
Hire shops such as Brandons, HSS Hire, Jewsons and Hire Centre, the Canada's largest tool and equipment hire chains, are now stocking the muck-truck® power wheelbarrow and its accompanying skip loading ramp providing availability across the Canada and Europe. The companies have brought in the product after investigating a gap in the hire market for a motorised compact machine capable of moving building materials and aggregate with ease. This product will also complement other products in the hire range such as the Mini Skidsteers and small Excavators.

Derrick Purvis, HSS Product Marketing Manager, commented: "We know from past experience that muck-truck® power wheelbarrow offers top build quality and reliability. We also know that there is growing demand for this tough workhorse."

Another successful year at the IOG SALTEX exhibition - Windsor
Visitors to this year's IOG SALTEX exhibition were impressed by the practical demonstrations of the muck-truck® power wheelbarrow.

Terry Rowlands, Managing Director of Deesign Partnership Ltd commented "muck-truck® combated a range of site conditions to once again prove the versatility and power of its practical design."

"Muck-truck® power wheelbarrow continues to be invaluable in helping to avoid and reduce the occurrence of manual handling accidents and bad backs on site. Health and Safety legislation calls for a reduction in the dependency on manual labour for lifting and loading, and the muck-truck offers a solution that really works."

Muck-truck™ Powerlift Attachment

With a pallet-lift which works like a "forklift truck" fitted at the front of a muck-truck™, ¼-pallets with bricks or flagstones with a weight of upto 365kg can be carted even in impassable ground with no physical liability to the workers.

The pallet-lift works as a sack truck. When the forks are under the pallet the pallet-lift is tipped backwards and at the same time it hoists the forks (as a little forklift truck) so that the pallet is fully freed from the foundation.

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